29 noviembre, 2012

Who is this speaking?

Did you know that the phrase "This is ..." is used on the phone instead of the phrase "I am ..."
And that "Is this ....?" is used to mean "Are you ...?"

Here you are some useful links to acquire or to improve your telephone skills.
The English Club. Telephone Language
SpeakEnglih. Using the phone
ESL.about. Telephone English - Important Phrases
BBC Learning English . Talk Business. Telephone: connecting

Spanky: Hellooooo?
Mr. Brown: Hello, who is this speaking?
Spanky: I don't know - I can't see ya!
Mr. Brown: Hello. This is Mr. Brown of the First National Bank. Who is this?
Spanky: Mr. Brown from the First National Bank. That's what you just told me!
Mr. Brown: What number is this?
Spanky: How many guesses!
Mr. Brown: Listen - what is this all about?
Spanky: I don't know - you started it!
Mr. Brown: Ohhh! Listen here - I wan't to talk to Old Cap!
Spanky: Well, why didn't you say so?

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