22 enero, 2007

No tengo ...

A new section is born: Learning with songs.
We know that most of our students love songs. So we have decided to post a song from time to time.
To start with, why don't you listen Ain't got no/I got life by Nina Simone.

I ain't got no (1)____________, ain't got no (2)____________
Ain't got no (3)____________, ain't got no (4)____________
Ain't got no (5)____________, ain't got no (6)____________
Ain't got no (7)____________, ain't got no (8)____________
Ain't got no mind
1. Another word for “house”
2. You put them on your feet.
3. This is what you get when you work.
4. A group in a society with the same social and economic position. (Or a group of students)
5. Women are used to wear them instead of trousers. Men like them “mini”
6. Another word for pullover.
7. It is a liquid which smells very well.
8. The place where you sleep on at night.

Ain't got no (9)____________, ain't got no culture
Ain't got no (10)____________, ain't got no schooling
Ain't got no (11)____________, ain't got no (12)____________
Ain't got no (13)____________, ain't got no token
Ain't got no (14)____________

9. Your father’s wife is your _______ (OK, not always, but most of times)
10. The people you tell your secrets to.
11. It is something your boy/girlfriend feels for you.
12. My _________ is Miguel and I’m 37.
13. It is something you need to see a movie at the cinema.
14. It is said that He is in Heaven and everywhere. Muslims have one and Catholics a different one.

And what have I got?
Why am I alive anyway?
Yeah, what have I got
Nobody can take away?

Got my (15)____________, Got my (16)____________
Got my (17)____________, Got my (18)____________
Got my (19)____________, Got my (20)____________
Got my (21)____________, I got my (22)___________
I got my (23)___________, Got my chin
Got my (24)____________, Got my boobs
Got my (25)____________, Got my soul
Got my back, I got my (26)____________
15. (& 16) You have got 15 on your 16.

17. It is something you use to think or remember.
18. It is something you use to hear or listen.
19. It is something you use to see or look.
20. It is something you use to smell things.
21. You’ve got your teeth inside it.
22. A happy or friendly expression you do with your mouth.
23. Something you use to feel if something is sweet or bitter.
24. The part between your body and your head.
25. When your boy/girlfriend lets you down, your ________ breaks into pieces.
26. Some people call it “love” but most call it “to have ______”
I got my (27)____________, Got my (28)____________
Got my (29)____________, Got my (30)____________
Got my (31)____________, Got my (32)____________
Got my liver, Got my (33) _____________
28 & 29 in the upper part of your body are similar to 30, 31 & 32 in the lower part of it.

33. It’s a red fluid which runs through your veins.

I've got (34)____________, I've got my freedom
34. The time you live from when you are born until you die.
I've got the life
I've got the life
And I'm gonna keep it
I've got the life
And nobody's gonna take it away
I've got the life.

Did you enjoy the song?
Now, if you want to know something about this artist you can visit her official web site
Read her biography and answer these questions:
What was Nina Simone's real name?
When was she born?
Did she have any brothers or sisters?
When did she die?

The Alphabet

Spelling is very important in English. You should know the alphabet.

Para aprender el alfabeto te proponemos que lo escuches y repitas varias veces.

También puedes agrupar las letras por sonidos similares:

- /ei/: A H J K

- /i/: B C D E P T V (Z)

- /e+consonante/: F L M N S X

- /ai/: I Y

- /iu/: Q U W

- van por libre: O R Z

Have you learnt the alphabet yet? Then go to the British Council young learners site and play this game

¿Ya te has aprendido el abecedario?. Entonces visita British Council LearnEnglishKids y juega. Ayuda al mono a subir el cocotero para escapar de la serpiente, haz "click" en la letra que escuches.

10 enero, 2007

Time to work!

Saddam Hussein was hanged on December 30th. He had been found guilty of killing 148 people in 1982 and sentenced to death by an Iraqui Court.

Hussein's execution reopens the death penalty debate.

We want you to write a composition about the Capital Punishment.

You can get some ideas if you visit the following links.
cBBCnewsround. Arguments against capital punishment
cBBCnewsround. Arguments for capital punishment

You can also read some teenagers' opinion about this subject: cBBCnewsround. The death penalty - right or wrong?

Please, let's help each other. Click on comments and send your opinion. Are you for or against?

Easy, easy, easy.

I see you haven't been able to answer the first problem posted in this section - the one about the gatekeepers. I must admit it is a bit complicated.

Would you try an easier one?

Some months, such as January, March or December have 31 days. How many months have 28 days?

Come on! Give an answer. It's easy, isn't it?

09 enero, 2007

Can you count to 20?

Holidays are over. We have to work.
I know, I know. It's so hard!

Let's start with something easy.