31 octubre, 2011

Halloween, Skeletons and a little bit of Anatomy

The toe bone is connected to the foot bones.

The foot bones are the basement of your skeleton. There are twenty two bones in your foot.

The foot bones are connected to the ankle bone. Without the ankle bone you wouldn't be able to lift your feet when you walk.

The leg bone is actually two bones (the tibia and the fibula) 

The knee bone is also known as the kneecap or patella.

The thigh bone or femur is the largest and heaviest bone in your body. The top of the femur has a ball joint that moves with a socket in the pelvis.

The hip bone or pelvis is made up of six bones. 

The backbone or spinal column is made up of twenty-four vertebrae. The last four bones in your backbone form the coccyx. The most important job of the backbone is to protect your spinal cord.

The shoulder bone is made up of a team of three bones, the clavicle, scapula and the top of the humerus.

The neck bone is a continuation of the backbone or spine. It is made up of seven vertebrae called cervical vertebrae

The head bone or skull is like a box that grows. The skull, which is made up of twenty-nine bone, protects your brain when you stand on your head

When we are born we have more than 300 bones, but when we reach adulthood we only have 206. This is because many of the bones in the skull grow together.

17 octubre, 2011