08 diciembre, 2006

Christmas is coming!!!

Para celebrarlo os proponemos las siguientes actividades:

- For our younger students: Make a Christmas card.
(Para los más pequeños: elaborad una felicitación de Navidad. "Scanearemos" las mejores y las
publicaremos en este blog)

- For the others:
1. Send us a story about Christmas
2. or tell us how you celebrate it.
3. or send a recipe. What do you and your family eat at Christmas?

Did you know ....
...that Christmas was first celebrated in the 5th century, in the time of the first Christian Roman Emperor, Constantine?
... that many people in Russia celebrate Christmas on January, the 7th? This is because the Orthodox Church uses a different calendar - the Julian calendar - for religious celebration days.
... In 1659 the Puritans declared the celebration of Christmas illegal? -They said the holiday was just an excuse to eat and to drink too much -.

If you want to know more about Christmas and how people celebrate it around the world, then surf the net. We strongly recommed the following links:

Christmas. Soon Online Magazine
The legends of Christmas. Hoover Library
Christmas in Cyberspace
Holiday traditions. California Mall

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