26 noviembre, 2006

Train your brain

Doing physical exercise is good to keep your body fit and healthy, isn't it?. However, a perfect body isn't everything. Mental activity is essential as well.

In this new section, you'll find riddles, logic problems, puzzles and stuff like that. Keep your brain and mind active. Think a little and send and answer to the following problem:

You are trapped in a room with two doors. One leads to a certain death and the other leads to freedom. Unfortunately, you don't know which door leads to freedom and which door leads to death.
Guarding the doors, there are two gatekeepers. One of them always tells the truth, the other always lies. Unluckily, you don't know who the liar is or who the honest one is.
To leave the room, you are allowed to ask a question (only one) to one (just one) of the gatekeepers. You want to be free, not dead, of course!
What would you ask?

11 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

Ok.You are in your car, and you have another sit, only one.You stop and you find: one friend who saved your live yesterday, a woman who is going to die and the girl/boy of your life....

Who are you going to take?

Dunia dijo...

It was me!!!!

Sharkito dijo...

Hi Dunia,
So you want me to think. huh?
Ok, I'll try. But, can you answer some questions?
1. Do all these people need to be taken?
2. Are they 3 different people?

perhaps you can give them a lift one by one, can't you?

By the way, sit is a verb. The noun is seat (Please, take a seat). This word can also be a verb:( I seated myself next to the door.)

leugim dijo...

I think Chiqui hit the nail on the head.

Let me suggest one.

What animal walks on 4 legs when it's a baby, on 2 when it's an adult and on 3 when it's old?

duduito dijo...

it's a man.

Sharkito dijo...

That's right! duduito.

Do you know the answer for the first riddle, the one about the gatekeepers?

amparo dijo...

if his voice trembles,it is the good door

Dudu dijo...

I look his left eye. If the eye trembles,he`s the liar.

sharkito dijo...

Amparo and duduito, I'm afraid you are wrong. There's nothing to do with trembling. Good liars lie without trembling.

Keep on trying! I know how clever you are, so think a little bit.

Dunia dijo...

Yes, they need to be taken!!!!! but only one can!!! Yes they are 3 different(your friend who saved your live yesterday, a woman who is going to die and the girl/boy of your live) 3 people. Think!!!!

sharkito dijo...

Oh, no! I was so happy because I thought I had found the solution.
Well, I won't give up. I'll give you the right answer. I don't know when but I'll do it!