01 noviembre, 2006

Help us! We want to play.

Games are a funny and useful way of learning, aren't they?

Uno de los juegos que solemos utilizar en clase es el Trivial. Desde aquí os proponemos que nos ayudéis a aumentar nuestra colección de preguntas. Enviad las vuestras.

Aquí van algunos ejemplos:

Who invented the telephone?
  1. Marconi
  2. Thomas Alba Edison
  3. Alexandred Graham Bell
  4. John Loige Baird

Answer: Alexander Graham Bell.

How many players are there in a basketball team?

  1. twelve
  2. eleven
  3. eight
  4. five

Answer: five

How many legs has a spider got?

  1. five
  2. six
  3. eight
  4. ten

Answer: eight

Remember to write your question in ENGLISH!

15 comentarios:

estoracas dijo...

I like the idea... but will you pay us for the job? I'm kidding.

OK, let's go!

1. How old are the Shark'o School teachers?
a. Chiqui, thirty-five, and Miguel, thirty-nine
b. Chiqui, therty-five, and Miguel, therty-nine
c. Chiqui, thirty-six and Miguel, thirty-seven
d. None of them.

Sharkito dijo...

Thanks for your contribution.
Un pero: queremos jugar al Trivial, no organizar un "Salsa Rosa" casero.
So, please, send questions on general knowledge.

We’re looking forward to your next question!

Our Trivia is organized into the following categories:

- Literature & English Language.
- History
- Science
- Arts (painting, sculpture, music)
- Geography
- Entertainment (music, films, television, celebrities)

En cuanto a lo de pagar, la cosa está difícil. No obstante, si nos hemos planteado dar un premio a los alumnos de la academia que aporten más preguntas y a los alumnos que aporten las mejores.

ytahisa dijo...

Which the longest river in Spain?

Dunia dijo...

Which is the fastest animal in the world?

muchi dijo...

Which are the longest rivers in the world?. mention 5

miguel dijo...

Ytahisa: yours is a good question, but there's a little mistake on it. Can you find it?

Dunia: I really don´t know what the fastest animal is, but I can tell you I was very fast after breaking something as a child. So, is "Miguel" the right answer?

Muchi: That's a very difficult one. I think I can mention two or three... but I'm not sure. Please, help.

Let's see if you know something about Spanish football.

SPORT. Who are the fattest players in Real Madrid?
1. Raúl and Van Nistelroy
2. Casillas and Salgado.
3. Ronaldo and Cassano.
4. Ronaldinho and Chiqui.

Sorpresa dijo...

I.As a long time,what food were considerate importan to be inteligent for you similarity a one cerebrum?
e)Hadn´t know about that.

Sharkito dijo...

Dear sorpresa, sorry we haven't commented your post before.

I think that you meant "Long time ago"

With the word "food" you must use a verb in its singular form (was instead of were) since it is uncountable.

Be careful with your spelling. (I know that young people don't care too much when they send text messages but spelling is important.
(not "importan"; intelligent, not inteligent). Let's consider these mistakes as typing mistakes, this time.

Study the possessives. (for its similarity to a brain).
When you don't know a word, use the dictionaries in the side bar.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your contribution. Go on!
We are so glad that you are using the blog!

ytahisa y muchi dijo...

How many champions leagues has Real Madrid won?


miguel dijo...

I know that one, Ytahisa and Muchi. Real Madrid has won 7 European cups more than Barcelona (hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah)

My questions.
- Who was the first Lara Croft in a movie?
1. Jennifer Aniston
2. Beyoncee Knowles
3. Christina Aguilera
4. Angelina Jolie

English Language
- Choose the right option.
1. Plays Messi for Barcelona?
2. Messi plays for Barcelona?
3. Does Messi play for Barcelona?
4. Does Messi plays for Barcelona?

Luis Miguel dijo...

what color is the flag of china?

antoñito dijo...

When´s the big festival in your town?

Miguel dijo...

What color is the flag of Central African Republic?

miasdfgadf dijo...

What color is the flag of Togo?

Sharkito dijo...

Luis Mi, remember to use capital letters for countries and nationalities and at the beginning of a sentence.

Antoñito, don't be so lazy! I know you have copied the question from your book (I saw you). Yours is a good question but it isn't the most appropriate to play Trivia (unless all the players are from the same town or you know all the possible answers).

Miguel: the Central African Republic.