15 noviembre, 2006

What is your opinion about "Big Bottle" (Botellón)?

(Situation. Chiqui and Miguel's PAU pupils are waiting outside Shark'o School. They start talking about the next composition: a letter to a friend about Botellón parties)

Chiqui: Enrique, have you ever been to a "Botellón" party?
Enrique: No. Never. Pedroja and Pablo have told me about it, and I don't think I'll enjoy it because I only drink pineapple juice...
Keila: Ha, ha, ha. Are you kidding? Last Saturday you were having fun with Lorena and Cristina outside La Carpintería... And you didn't seem to be drinking soft drinks but something stronger.
Regina: Yeah, I think it was a "cubata". You know, rum with Coke.
Lorena: It wasn´t rum with Coke but with Malibú.
Pedro: Aahjjj! Rum with Malibú? How could you drink that? That's too sweet, isn't it?
Cristina: It was not bad... The worst thing is that I had a really nasty hangover on Sunday afternoon when I woke up.
Pablo: Cristina, I thought you didn't use to drink. You shouldn't drink such sweet beverages 'cos they're very bad for your head.
Enrique: You're right. I had a terrible headache last time I drank my pineapple juice...

(Miguel is coming from the bar near the school. He's bringing a bottle of pineapple juice in one hand and a bottle of Arehucas in the other)

Miguel: Enrrrrriquue, herrrre I am. I went to buy what you told me to make your favorite drink. Let's go to La Paz Square to have a Botellón. Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiihhhhhhhhhaaa!

(Miguel's astonished PAU pupils look at each other ... and decide to leave him alone and go to Chiqui's lesson instead because they're very responsible and would always prefer to work)


OK! Now I want you to write a letter to a friend of yours telling him the situation and your opinion about Botellón in Spain and in your hometown?

Useful vocabulary
alcohol, alcohol consumption, alcoholic, alcoholism
drink (noun / verb)
drunk, get drunk
alcoholic beverages: beer, wine, spirits (whisky, vodka, rum ..)
soft drinks
binge drinking
hangover (n) / hungover (adj.)
bar, pub, disco
get together, meet, congregate
street, square, in the open air
a right to ...
stench (bad smell)
neighbour, neighbourhood
young people, youngsters, the youth (youths), teenagers
to be in favour of ...

to be against ...

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Anónimo dijo...

Hi Pepo, How are you doing?
Uffff! Yesterday, I was in the carpi with our friends. We had a binge drinking. We drank Brugal with coke because you know that we are pretty classy.
Enrique keeps drinking the same fucking shit of Arehucas.
Pablo finish badly with his vodka Moskoskaya.
Cristina talked more than never, We didn´t know what shit she swallowed.
keyla slept in a bank next to the church.
Lorena and I took photos of everything and we are going to blackmail.
Tomorrow we are sending the photos, they are very funny.
Much Kiss my love muaaaaaaaa mua.

Anónimo dijo...

ouuu yesss White:

Yestarday Enrique and I went out to a party in Rubio´s house!!!What a cool party!!There was many food and drinks,not only soft drinks but alcohol too.Enrique was died!!!!!!!And I was died too, but of differents forms...I fell in the pool..(the water was very cold brother)and Enrique "you know" jejeje..Javi is idiot because he broke Rubio´s presents..And he kicked his dog!!Keila and Cristina arrived late but sorprise!!!!!!!!!they were naked.Lorena arrived and she said:"I´m shitting!!!"

In coclusion my friend:It was absolutely madness!! KICK IT!!!!!


Anónimo dijo...

go to parties are great cool, but if there are "melonada" is more better.The last weekend we had a party because cristina's oldies outside.It was a mess...!
LORENA doesn't like drink but that day drank like a she-pig, KIKE drank so much that he brough somethig up, Pablo went naked to the street and he began to sing the song"SHIN-CHAN" on a car,PEDRO to be dress of "SUPERMAN"but in this moment arrived cristina's oldess and they looking him on the table try to fly.
Finally they sendem home.

sharkito dijo...

Esa boca! Mind your language! or I'll censore your post. Why don't you use dots (...) or something like that when you use swearwords. I know this is the Bachillerato section and I have no problem if you use this kind of language in the classroom as long as you do it in English; but remember: this is the school blog and we have younger students.
(This is Chiqui, the puritan part of the school)

Interesting stories!! When will we be invited to one of your parties?
and what's your opinion about Big bottles. Are they a good thing? Should they be banned?. Please send your opinion.

Now, let's correct some mistakes:

More than never: more than ever.

we are going to blackmail: we are going to blackmail everybody/them.
blackmail is a transitive verb, so it needs an object.

Much kiss: Many (lots of) kisses. Kisses are countable.

There was many food: There was a lot of food. Food is uncountable. You could use "much" too.

Enrique was dead. Dead is the adjective.

of differents forms: in a different ways. (Be careful: adjectives have only one form.

Use a comma before "brother".

Javi is an idot.

Las supernenas:
go to parties are: going to parties is great (Use gerunds as subjects)

There is/are???? "melonada". Please, explain me what (a) "melonada" is

Pedro to be dress. Yo llamar Tarzán. Verbs must be conjugated. He dressed up as Superman.

in this moment: at that moment.

Cristina's oldies arrived. Word order: Subject + verb.
and they saw him (not looking) on the table trying to fly.

Have a nice weekend. Don't drink too much!!!

Anónimo dijo...

The botellon is very funny because you are with your friends oll the night.But there are much fights.

Anónimo dijo...

I think that the botellon may be a way of entertainment .......
On the one hand, I think that the botellon is good because you can be wiht your friends and you don't have to spend a lot of money in drinks as you do in the bar.
On the other hand, it is bad because there are fights.Moreover,people that go to the botellon drink a lot and they don't usually clean the streets.In addition to this,drinking alcohol may be dangerous because you can become addict and a lot of accident are caused by drunk people.

Anónimo dijo...

Thanks for your posts.

Anacleta y Sinfonoso. A bit short, isn't it?

1.(The) Botellón: you cannot use "the" if you're talking in general. You say "Birds fly" for "Los pájaros vuelan" not *"the birds fly".

2.All night (not "oll the...)

3.Much=uncountable. Many fights

Dara. Pretty good! If you keep writing like that, I'm sure you will pass the English PAU exam. Fantastic use of linkers! (On the one hand, Moreover...)

1."A way of entertainment" is not wrong but I think that "a way of having fun" is better.

2.(The) Botellón (go to Anacleta's comment)

3."...you can become AN addict" because it's a noun. Adjective: addicted to (adicto a)

4."..a lot of accidentS" Don't forget the plural in that phrase

See ya