03 noviembre, 2006

Should P.A.U. exams be abolished?

Can you find the label "Bachillerato"? (Of course, you can. It's on the right) Well, ésta es una sección dedicada a nuestros alumnos de ... bachillerato, ¡cómo no!

En ella, propondremos periódicamente nuevas actividades. Esperamos vuestra participación.
De momento nos centraremos en los "writing"

Sabemos de sobra que una de las cosas que más odiáis, en lo que al inglés se refiere, es tener que escribir composiciones. However, you have to do it (y más teniendo en cuenta el tipo de examen que os exigirán para la P.A.U.) También sabemos que, en ocasiones, lo que falta son las ideas a la hora de componer la redacción. Por eso, os proponemos hacer un "writing" entre todos.

El tema elegido es: Should "P.A.U." exams be abolished?

After finishing "Bachillerato", Spanish Students who wish to go to University must take a general university entrance examination (P.A.U). The University course they are able to follow will depend on the result of this examination along with their Bachillerato marks.

De momento nos conformamos con que "posteéis" una o dos frases sobre el tema.

Useful vocabulary:
fair / unfair
university entrance exams
academic performance
equal opportunities
attend school/university
classroom assignments
feel/get nervous
pressure situation
to be under stress
overall performance

En cuanto a las expresiones útiles con las que expresar una opinión os recomendamos que consultéis el libro (page 128, los de 1º; page 117, los de 2º )

Come on! Don't be lazy and send your opinion. Let’s help each other!.
We will collect your composition next Thursday. Remember: This is a shared composition. You can not only use your own opinions but also your partners'.

5 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

Well, first of all I want to express my gratitude to these fantastic teachers called Miguel y Chiqui...

(Jejejejeje) Vale. Se nota demasiado que soy parte interesada.

Ahí va mi contribución.

"In my opinion students should keep doing this kind exams in order to know if they are prepared or not to enter a college. It is better to realise that before starting to fail University tests. Furthermore, I don't think that failing a PAU exam is the end of the world: if that happens you will have to choose between studying a bit more or trying an alternative, whatever it is"

OK. That's all That's all That's all That's all That's all for today, folks!

Anónimo dijo...

I hate exams. That is why I am against any test. I think that the teachers get the information they need all through the year to realise if what the students have learnt is enough or not.

That's my opinion... And now a challenge: there's a repeated mistake. What is it?

Anónimo dijo...

I believe that the P.A.U exams are other form of continue showing that students know that they learnt for the course.But at the same time it´s a dirty trick, because there are alot of people that need a note very big end in this exams if you don´t get a good note you can´t go to your favourite career.

That´s all,yours sincerely Sorpresa

sharkito dijo...

Thanks, Sorpresa.

It was indeed a very nice surprise to find your post giving your interesting point of view about the topic.

First of all I've got to say that you make direct translations from Spanish and that is not a good way of building grammatically correct sentences in English.

Brilliant: "But at the same time, it's a dirty trick because..."

1. Not "the PAU exams" but "PAU exams"
2. Note=billete. Marks, qualifications= notas

Keep on working and writing on the blog.

sharkito dijo...

Another contribution.

"PAU exams of English should be taken by those lazy students from Shark'o School who didn´t have enough time to enter this blog and give their opinions on the topic. Furthermore, those who have not done any of the compositions proposed yet will suffer the furious revenge (homework) of the teachers. What is more: those who still believe that this is a composition about PAU Gasol, will have their hearts eaten"